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5th Gear Kids Program Kickoff!

Aurora Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District are launching a new program for 5th grade students called 5th Gear Kids™. This is a wellness program that pairs classroom instruction about balancing calories with promotions sponsored by local businesses to help them become “healthy consumers.” This program will enable students to balance physical activity with good nutrition at school, at home, and out in the community.

         5th grade students will be instructed through 22 lessons in PE class that will give them the knowledge and skills associated with energy balance, nutrition, and physical activity. This will help change their environments at home and school by putting them in a leadership role while having fun, being active, and eating good food. Simultaneously, the students will be given a 5th Gear Kids ID card, which will need to be registered through King Soopers, as it will reinforce healthy choices through a reward and point system. Students will be able to use their 5th Gear Kids ID card with partners to receive reward points for cool prizes but also to receive discounts and free access to facilities.

         Please come to the program kick off in on Friday, October 12th from 6:30-8:30 pm at Beck Recreation Center. All 5th Gear Kids and their families are invited to attend. The program officially begins in APS on October 8th so please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity and participate! You can also check out the website www. 5thgearkids.org.


Click Here for Kickoff Flyer

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