Home of the Wolverines!

Side Creek Elementary

Reaching for Excellence!

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!


Main Office Staff

Nelson Van Vranken 


Voicemail: 23903

Laura Cooper

Assistant Principal

Voicemail: 23921

LaQuana Guillory-Williams

Secretary / Office Manager

Voicemail: 23901

Jessica Velasquez


Voicemail: 23902

Leshunne Semper

Clinic / Health Para

Voicemail: 23904

Preschool Team

Dannielle Hutchison

Preschool Facilitator

Room 00

Voicemail: 64072

Elycia Asmus

Preschool Paraprofessional

Room 00

Antonia Lopez

Preschool Facilitator

Room 01

Voicemail: 64252

Jessica Gomez

Preschool Paraprofessional

Room 01

Kindergarten Team

Allison Lerner

Room 13/KB

Voicemail:  63574

Jennifer Meffley

Room 01/KC

Voicemail: 64899

Stephanie Motchkavitz

Room 12/KD

Voicemail:  66104

Gianna Towers

Room 14/KA

Voicemail:  66101

First Grade Team

Tiffani Setzer 

Room 23/1D

Voicemail: 64807

Rachel Southard

Room 21/1B

Voicemail:  62666

Elizabeth Townsend

Room 22/1C

Voicemail: 66102

Second Grade Team

Alicia Harper

Room 31/2C

Voicemail: 63356

Ashley Kuntz 

Room 25/2A

Voicemail: 65047

Felicia Trujillo

Room 24/2B

Voicemail: 66103

Third Grade Team

Jennifer Colvin

Room 34/3A

Voicemail: 62021

Jacqueline Doucett

Room 32/3C


Melissa Reynolds

Room 44/3D

Voicemail: 64250

Amberina Wilson

Room 33/3B

Voicemail: 63433

Fourth Grade Team

Amy Achtermann

Room 44/4A

Voicemail:  62656

Cecilia Coats

Room 43/4C

Voicemail:  64327

Joy Miller

Room 41/4B

Voicemail:  64214

Fifth Grade Team

Jodi Anderson

Room 54/5A

Voicemail: 67358

Jennifermarie Brooks

Room 52/5C

Voicemail: 65049

Erin Kusick

Room 53/5B

Voicemail: 66105

Affective Needs Team

Ryan Shaw

AN Teacher

Room C4

Voicemail: 67888

Socorro Aguilar

AN Paraeducator

Room C4


Nicole Heather

AN Paraeducator

Room C4


Tiffany Lee

AN Paraeducator

Room C4


Bernice Traversie

AN Paraeducator

Room C4


Specials Team

Tim Anderson


Art Room

Voicemail: 64890

Karen Burton


Room 30

Voicemail: 64007

LeAnn Zimmerman

Physical Education


Voicemail: 64976

Special Education / CLDE / Teaching Partners / Psychologist Team

Cristen McCool

Special Ed 2nd - 3rd Grade

Room Mobile A1

Voicemail: 63408


Special Ed 4th -5th Grade

Room Mobile A2


Gina Salvano

Special Ed K - 1st Grade

Room 3rd Workroom

Voicemail: 63254

Elaine Korsan

Speech Pathologist

Speech Room


Julie Albright

Special Ed Psychologist

5th Workroom

Voicemail: 64196

Brynn Calender

CLDE Teacher Lead

Room 51

Voicemail: 67885

Kristen Gladden

General Ed Social Worker

SPED Room 

Voicemail: 67886

Kristina Lopez 

Teaching Partner

Kinder Workroom

Voicemail: 64703

Jill McBride 

CLDE Teacher Lead

Room C1

Voicemail: 63934

Paraprofessional Team / Educational Assistant / Classroom Monitors / Family Liaison

Nancy Johnson


Mobile B2

Ana Kessler-Cocina


Mobile B2

Desiree Winkleblack


Mobile B2

Jessica Castillo

Educational Assistant

Mobile B2

Teresa Reynolds

EA Media / Tech

Media Center

Angela Tam

Classroom Monitor

Mobile B2

Zabdiely Robles Mendoza

Family Liaison

Room 11

Interventionist / TOSA's

Roxanne Aviles

Reading Interventionist

Room 12

Voicemail: 64769

John Blanco-Losada

TOSA - Restorative Justice 

Para Workroom

Voicemail:  66197

Christine Nowlin

Math Interventionist 

Room 45

Voicemail: 67887

Charle' Truesdale

TOSA - Gifted & Talented

Science Room

Voicemail: 62673

Custodial Staff

Laura Huxley

Head Custodian

Voicemail: 23908

Lee Mitchell

8 Hour Custodian

Joselyn Gracia

4 Hour Custodian