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Side Creek Elementary

Reaching for Excellence!

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

If you have questions about logging in or anything related to the schedule, please email your child's teacher listed below.


Main Office Staff

Nelson Van Vranken


Voicemail: 23903

Laura Cooper

Assistant Principal

Voicemail: 23921

LaQuana Guillory-Williams

Secretary / Office Manager

Voicemail: 23901

Jessica Velasquez


Voicemail: 23902

Marsha Brungardt

Clinic / Health Para

Voicemail: 23904

Preschool Team

Dannielle Hutchison

Preschool Facilitator

Room 00

Voicemail: 64072

Sharon Shields

Preschool Paraprofessional

Room 00

Antonia Lopez

Preschool Facilitator

Room 01

Voicemail: 64252

Nirmal Thorat

Preschool Paraprofessional

Room 01

Kindergarten Team

Alicia Harper


Room 14/KA

Voicemail: 63356



Room 13/KB


Jennifer Meffley


Room 01/KC

Voicemail: 64899

Roxanne Aviles


Room 12/KD

Voicemail: 64769

First Grade Team

Danielle Frohnhoefer

Room 23 / 1A

Voicemail: 64316

Julie Garrison

Room 21/1B

Voicemail: 63017

Veronica Terrill

Room 22/1C

Voicemail: 62167

Tiffani Setzer

Room 24/1D

Voicemail: 64807

Second Grade Team

Paulina Mucha

Room 34/2A

Voicemail: 63220

Rachel Wolf

Room 33/2B

Voicemail: 64064

Amberina Wilson

Room 31/2C

Voicemail: 63433

Third Grade Team

Jennifer Miley

Room 42/3A

Voicemail: 63935

Kristina Lopez

Room 41/3B

Voicemail: 64703

Melissa Reynolds

Room 43/3C

Voicemail: 64250

Fourth Grade Team

Amber Bergdahl

Room 44/4A

Voicemail: 64291

Cecilia Coats

Room 45/4B

Voicemail: 64327

Joy Miller

Room 51/4C

Voicemail: 64214

Fifth Grade Team

Robyn Buckland

Room 53/5A

Voicemail: 64158

Paige Palmer

Room 52/5B

Voicemail: 64499

Roger Bell

Room 54/5C

Voicemail: 63856

Specials Team

Tim Anderson


Art Room

Voicemail: 64890

Karen Burton


Room 30

Voicemail: 64007

LeAnn Zimmerman

Physical Education


Voicemail: 64976

Special Education / CLDE / Teaching Partners / Psychologist Team

Allison Stavig

Special Ed 3rd-5th Grade

Room 11

Voicemail: 64525

Gina Salvano

Special Ed K-2nd Grade

Room 33

Voicemail: 63254

Laina Kelly-Walker

Speech Special Ed

Speech Room

Voicemail: 64101

Sarah Davis

General Ed Social Worker


Voicemail: 720-640-8816

Julie Albright

Special Ed Psychologist


Voicemail: 64196

Jill McBride

CLDE Lead Teacher

Mobile A1

Voicemail: 63934

Debbie Eberly

Teacher Coach

Mobile A2

Voicemail: 63367

Paraprofessional Team / Educational Assistant

Zach Drew


Pamela Pea

Educational Assistant

Teresa Reynolds

EA Media / Tech

Media Center

Reading Interventionist / TOSA's

Angela Martinez

3rd - 5th Reading Interventionist

Room 25

Voicemail: 64722

Charle' Truesdale

TOSA - Gifted & Talented

Science Room

Voicemail: 62673

Custodial Staff

Laura Huxley

Head Custodian

Voicemail: 23908

Stevie Blackman

8 Hour Custodian


4 Hour Custodian